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At Spoke Herd, we are passionate about the cycling and it's community of India. And we pour our spokie hearts into our problem-solving approach for the world. And that's why we are building up Community Stores in various cities.

Jim Corbett

The first community store in India.
Now Serving Vibrant Culture brimming with love for bicycling and a delicious menu!

Offerings at this Store
* Explore the trails of Jim Corbett
* Great Collection of Brands of Cycles to Rent (click here)

Relish the Delicious Menu
* Coffee, Kulhad Chai, Maggie, Eggs, Pancakes, Burgers, Sandwiches and more (click here to reserve & order)

Store Timings
07:00 - 19:00 (all days)

Store Address
Spokeherd Corbett Dhikuli, Ramnagar, Uttarakhand 244715, Ramnagar, Uttarakhand, India
Ph: +91-704-249-0708 Email: corbett@spokeherd.com Location: Click here

Are you excited the way we are for this culture?

If you are interested in representing Spoke Herd in your city then please contact Ajay at ajay@spokeherd.com

The Problem that we want to solve

The entire world is talking about being healthy and living a great lifestyle Yet, the representation and awareness of this community in our country is alarmingly low. We are determined to change that.

SPOKE HERD; the All-in-one-Platform

The platform that brings together like-minded people, indulges in the latest news, has the most premium collection of merchandise, hosts the most vibrant events, offers a marketplace for cycles, and renders rental services online as well as at physical stores in different cities. It's a pure membership-based community driven platform.

At SpokeHerd, we are all bound by the simple pleasure of riding a bike, be it a beginner, intermediate, or advanced rider. We passionately promote cycling, a healthy lifestyle, great well-being, social responsibility, and environmental awareness. If you are looking to fill your life with the perfect blend of fun, fitness, and bonding, you have come to the right place!